Going in for Hospital Care

I was about seven when my youngest sister was born. I was the eldest of two other siblings, a boy and a girl.

This was the time that my mother’s moods started to change. She always looked sad, lost her appetite and she stayed in bed most of the time.

My father was in the Navy, so he was abroad for long periods of time.

My life changed overnight. My mother couldn’t cope with all of us. My sister and brother had to be taken into care with nuns.
With the help of my aunt, I took care of my mother and baby sister. With medication and the help of psychiatrists, she was feeling better for a while.

Although I knew that there was something wrong with my mother, nobody explained that she was suffering from depression. I had to keep it as a secret that my mother was sick. How could I explain to my friends and teachers something which I had no idea about, depression?

In fact, most of the time when she was so depressed that she did not have the strength to eat or drink, I thought that she would die. This was when she was then admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital. I was 10 years old by then and the first time I went to visit her with my father, I remember thinking … “Why did they lock my mother up in this place?” When I went inside, I could see normal persons, they always stopped to say kind words to me and encourage me, and they even used to give me sweets and biscuits.
The nurses always reassured me that my mum would soon get better, it was very comforting to hear this and I soon realized that Mount Carmel Hospital was like any other hospital. I had nothing to be ashamed of that my mother was one of the patients. In fact, I then realized that she needed those few weeks to rest and taken care of at Mount Carmel Hospital. She was much better when she came back home.

From that time onwards, she was admitted around six times to Mount Carmel Hospital, I do not regret that she was being cared for there.

I’m 53 years old now, my mum is 73 years old, she’s still on medication and is still being seen by a psychiatrist and she lives quite a normal life with the help and love of my father.

It has been quite some time since she needed professional help at Mount Carmel Hospital.

Life is not easy when a parent suffers from depression but you could still live a normal life, you have to enjoy “the good days” and learn to cope with the others.

Having to fend for ourselves and being independent made us persons with a strong character. Although my mother suffers from depression, she is still capable of showing love with those around her, she always took good care of us in her own way and she is also dearly loved by all her grand children and great grand children.